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sensual movement for men -
"Baltimore Burlesque Class" -

“Words make you think a thought.”

– E. Y. Harburg 

black burlesque -

Power. Pleasure. Play.

  • Speakeasy: (noun) An illicit establishment.
  • Noir: (adjective) Dark, dramatic, and thrilling, encompassing the interplay of light and shadow while blurring the lines.
  • Burlesque: (noun) – “Extreme parody, emotional storytelling, and extravagant striptease,” as coined by Shay Au Lait. Historically, it is a literary or dramatic work that seeks to ridicule by means of grotesque exaggeration or comic imitation of the dignified. Also, a theatrical entertainment consisting of short turns, comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts.

SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque

Created by Shay Au Lait, SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque is a mysterious and taboo order of society for wicked and willful souls. It is an experience in exploring power, pleasure and play through sensual movement and erotic expression. Experience the soulful and provocative art of burlesque. We offer movement & dance classes, workshops, events, shows, productions, teacher trainings, and retreats all over the world.

We’ve led movement workshops in the most sacred and pleasure filled spaces such as a queer tantric monastery in the mountains of South Carolina at the Touch & Play Festival; at a yoga resorts in the Nosara jungle of Costa Rica at the Soul Fire Retreat, as well as wellness, dance and fitness studios along the East Coast.

"Baltimore Burlesque Dance Class" -

Burlesque Dance Class

SpeakEasy Noir presents burlesque as a mind-body wellness practice focused on breath, moving meditation, vulnerability, self-love, body wellness, intention and fun! Whether you’re taking SpeakEasy Noir burlesque dance classes for the stage, for fitness, for fun, for yourself or for private affairs, you will indulge in your own self expression, confidence and power. Discover the extravagant, dramatic and emotional range of your storytelling, striptease and subtext.

Are you ready to explore erotic innocence and sensual pleasure?