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Sensual Movement. Erotic Expression. Burlesque & Pole Dance Freestyle.

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"Baltimore Burlesque Class" -
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SpeakEasy Noir is a sensual movement experience & an immersive mind-body wellness practice. We explore Power, Pleasure & Play through erotic movement and emotional expression. Our rituals and healing arts promote freedom and personal transformation through creative play.

Indulge in your SELF through pole dance, burlesque movement, archetypal play, freestyle prompts, and creative visualization. Enjoy a decadent deep dive into ceremonies of pleasure.  Experience the soulful, provocative and theatrical art of burlesque and pole dance.

"baltimore burlesque class" -

I walked in a room with roses on the floor, sage burning and candles. I immediately knew that I couldn’t half-ass this workshop. Shay [Au Lait] went out of her way to create an experience for me to fully be self-expressed – so I went in!

Empress V.
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SpeakEasy Noir Experiences

  • Classes (drop-in & series, 75mins to 90mins)
  • Workshops (2 – 4 hours)
  • Immersions (1 – 4 days)
  • Teacher Training (3 days)
  • Retreats (3 – 7 days)
  • Group Parties (Hen, Boudoir, Burlesque, Pole, Custom)
  • Productions (Live Events, Burlesque & Variety, and Theatrical Shows)

SpeakEasy Noir Online

  • Online Boutique (curated with sensual products for living a SpeakEasy Noir life.)
  • SpeakEasy Noir Online Sessions (Evening Erotics, Moving Meditation, Simmer Downs, Pole Swirls & Privates)
  • Digital Content – Members Only
"SpeakEasy Noir" -

We’ve led movement workshops in the most sacred and pleasure filled spaces such as a queer tantric monastery in the mountains of South Carolina at the Touch & Play Festival; at a yoga resorts in the Nosara jungle of Costa Rica at the Soul Fire Retreat, as well as wellness, dance and fitness studios along the East Coast.

"baltimore burlesque dance class" -

Cycle of gratitude to Shay Au Lait for guiding me back into my body. for allowing me to be too much in a world that often forces me to be small.

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SpeakEasy Noir Classes

SpeakEasy Noir presents burlesque as a mind-body wellness practice focused on breath, moving meditation, vulnerability, self-love, body wellness, intention and fun! Whether you’re taking SpeakEasy Noir burlesque dance classes for the stage, for fitness, for fun, for yourself or for private affairs, discover the extravagant, dramatic and emotional range of your storytelling, striptease and subtext.

SpeakEasy Noir pole dance classes are a method of instruction focused on fluidity, flow, sensuality, musicality and creative emotional expression. Our pole classes are structured around light choreo sequences  and theatrical prompts which also include movement on and around the pole, floor work and spins. We progressively challenge your body strength, flexibility and coordination as we build a solid foundation of movement vocabulary utilizing pole dance techniques.

Are you ready to explore erotic innocence and sensual pleasure?