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What is Shadow Play for Your Shadow Work?: Exploring Your Unknown
"Guy Fawkes mask" -
If we must create space for shadow work, its equally important to create space for shadow play. Join SpeakEasy Noir for a musing on ways you can invite your shadow out to play.

As deeply as we believe in shadow work, we also believe in shadow play. Experience the audio version of “Shadow Play for Shadow Work: Exploring Your Unknown.” This one-hour, interactive LIVE talk took place on Clubhouse within the SpeakEasy Noir Club. 

A working definition of Shadow Work that we enjoy playing with is this: Shadow work entails the intentional exploration of the unknown, subconscious and/or unconscious parts of yourself that are hidden, not yet revealed and/or repressed. 

If we must WORK HARD and PLAY HARD, it would appear there must be something called SHADOW PLAY. This concept, notion, and learning modality is explored within SpeakEasy Noir.

During the live talk, these are some of the questions we mused about for later discussion and/or personal reflection. 

  • How can you make friends with shadow?
  • Can your shadow play in the light?
  • Does your shadow play with shadow or play with light?
  • Does your shadow absorb light?
  • What’s the functionality of shadow in your play?
  • Is shadow a tool?
  • What is a shadowplayer?

Resources, References & Ideas Mentioned