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SpeakEasy Noir on Clubhouse

SpeakEasy Noir on ClubHouse

“An Adult Sesame Street!” – Primal Dom. And also “A safe and educational space for participants to explore,” according to Operations at Clubhouse. Or imagine an interactive, provocative, and playful LIVE podcast!

Welcome to SpeakEasy Noir on Clubhouse

SpeakEasy Noir is an intentional, protected, and growing space. Please do note, however, it is NOT a safe space. We explore POWER, PLEASURE, AND PLAY through psychologically thrilling conversations, provocative stories, subversive ideas, and transformative talks. 

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Our Guiding Principles


Every person is a human being.


Express yourself here


Assume nothing. Ask Questions.


Take accountability for your sovereignty


Slow down. Take time. Say what you mean.

Please decide HOW you will show up for yourself within this space and within our conversations and engagements. If you cannot center our principles, please take care of yourself elsewhere.

"BDSM Switchress Shay Au Lait" -
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About Switchress Shay Au Lait

“I am equal parts playfully innocent and dangerously kinky. As a Professional and Lifestyle Dominatrix, I most often manifest as a Sorcerer, a Shapeshifter, and a Primal. I am very much a multi-layered, tactile complex otherworldly creature. I delight in playing with the power and lingering in the pleasure of sensuality, sexuality, and eroticism. I conduct rituals on stage and in scenes and through ceremony, traversing between worlds to exact magic.

By day, I moonlight in Award-winning Marketing Strategy, Project Management, Production Stage Management, Event Management and Business Development. Don’t tell anyone any of this, since according to Sally Hogshead, I’m the “Secret Weapon.” (15+ years). In addition, the Enneagram states that I am the Investigator, the Challenger, and the Reformer. 

It also helps to know that I am a BDSM Educator & Practitioner, Burlesque Producer, Immersive Theatre Artist, Erotic Embodiment Guide, and Podcast Host. I did say I was a Shapeshifter…and a Switch!” 

Titles, Honorifics & Endearments

  • The Erotic Goddess
  • Maya Angelou of Kink
  • The Kinky Monk
  • Dakini Priestess
  • Badonkamonk of Slutchurch
  • Typhoon of Temptation
  • Intellectual Sensual Shaman
  • Witchy Mad Scientist

Quick FAQS

  • PERFORMANCE STYLE: Erotic-Noir, Primal Force of Nature
  • PRONOUNS: N/A (Please say “Shay” in place of pronouns.)
  • ETHNICITY: Black American
  • ANCESTRY: Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin & Togo
  • GENDER IDENTITY: GenderQueer AFAB (*Assigned Female At Birth)
  • SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Queer, Greysexual & Pansexual
  • LOVESTYLE: Polyamorous (High Protocol & Hierarchical)
  • BDSM: Kinky Siren Switchress – (Primal, Experimentalist, Sadomasochist.)


“Beginner BDSM, Fetish and Kink” is a beginner-friendly monthly series and interactive podcast featuring lectures, workshops, panels, and guided conversations hosted by Switchress Shay Au Lait featuring Fetish and Kink experts, practitioners, and newbies on Clubhouse.

Elevate Your Experience On Clubhouse.

Our Guest

  • Mr. CL & TheRAGE – BDSM & Adult Topics Writer, BDSM Practitioner, BDSM Tool Collector,  BDSM Sadist/Service Top
  • Nicolina Miller – Kink/BDSM Life Coaching, Spiritual Life Design (Human Design)
  • Goddess Toney Electra – Pegging Enthusiast, World Traveler, Magickal Being
  • Liz of “Liz’s List” – sub, babygirl, rope bunny, demisexual
  • Sir Suga – Sensual Service Top and Switch
  • Delvin the Expert – Conversationalist, Cigar Aficionado, Trekkie

Join these Houses Tonight.


“BDSM Exploration” is an ongoing, sometimes weekly series and interactive podcast featuring lectures, workshops, panels, curiosities, and guided conversations hosted by Switchress Shay Au Lait featuring Fetish and Kink experts, practitioners, and newbies too on Clubhouse.

“...great highlights from this last week! We’ll start with SpeakEasy Noir, which hosted an event called ‘Kink and BDSM for Beginners.’ This event was guided by the host Switchress and provided an opportunity for those in the scene to learn more about it. Although the event is not family-friendly, they did an amazing job of providing a safe and educational space for participants to explore the topic and ask any questions to help others gain a better understanding of the community.” 

– Moriah Laidlaw, Operations at Clubhouse

(Listen to the Clubhouse Townhall)

Liz's List

“Liz’s List” is an interactive and personal lifestyle podcast series exploring the insection of BDSM, Kink, Polyamory, and Love cohosted by Switchress Shay Au Lait and Liz (sub, babygirl, rope bunny & demisexual) on Clubhouse. 


“When Shay asked me, “What do I desire?” It felt as though she was speaking in a foreign language. Nine years of studying spirituality, yoga, and meditation and all I could do was repeat the question to myself. What did I desire? Four months later in Shay’s classes, I discovered I desire connection and power more than anything.”

– Key, Yoga & Meditation Instructor



“The Mindful Swinger” is the latest series and interactive podcast in the SpeakEasy Noir House featuring workshops, panels, interviews, and guided conversations hosted by Switchress Shay Au Lait, Sir Suga, Delvin the Expert and Mr. CL featuring Fetish and Kink experts, practitioners, and newbies too on Clubhouse.

SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. We explore power, pleasure and play through sensual movement, erotic expression, & healing arts (Burlesque, pole dance, freestyle flow, BDSM, theater, archetypal play). Its all done to evoke and provoke your primal erotic nature.

SpeakEasy Noir

SpeakEasy Noir on Clubhouse hosts regular weekly programming, primarily on Mondays and Thursdays, featuring interactive podcast workshops, lectures, roundtables, and guided discussions which include several limited and permanent series. Centered on pleasure, power and play, conversations can also focus on personal development, curious explorations and activated/liberated/erotic/free living.

“Shay, you told me once that you couldn’t wait for the day when I grew into and realized the God that I am. I came to that realization today and the love for myself has never felt so great. I appreciate you, your words, and your support.”

– SpeakEasy Noir “Paramour of Play,” Skull Carver, Cyr Wheel & Fire Flow Artist


An {Untitled} Series

Enjoy this presently {Untitled} series exploring the voices of men, thoughts on masculinity and what it means to use your dick for erotic embodiment and ascending power. Prepare for upcoming conversations in this series and our vibe by listening to

Additional Explorations & Resources

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