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SpeakEasy Noir


Immerse yourself into our experiential and transformational offerings.

Take a decadent dive into ceremony. Come undone.

Journey in & spiral out tonight.

SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. Create new pathways with shadow play through sensual movement, burlesque freestyle, primal play, erotic expression, theatre improv, boudoir portraits, and so much more. 

Signature Burlesque Offerings

"pole dance parties" -
"burlesque boudoir workshops" -

Come back to your body. Slow down and breathe. This exploratory workshop guides you through the SpeakEasy Noir “sensual core flow” method to freestyle movement. Utilizing improv-based prompting and progressive sequences, evoke and provoke your sensual free flow.

Linger in the thrill of TOUCH. In this guided movement workshop, play with your sense of and intent of touch. Explore storytelling and expression as you feel your way around with objects, costumes, props, and even yourself.

You need a throne. Learn the decadent power of sitting down on it. In this 4-week series, play with erotic prompts and theatrical motifs both on and off the chair as you journey to pleasure in our burlesque improv dance class.

Explore your many layers. There is something to be said for WHAT you reveal and what you keep hidden. There’s something to be said for HOW, WHEN & WHY you hide or reveal parts of yourself. There’s something in between the layers. Be guided to unleash with intent and flow with erotic, playful prompts. Discover the extravagant, dramatic, and emotional range of your big reveal in this 4-week series!

Throw a tantrum with any emotion. If you’ve ever been accused of being too emotional or even being emotionally unavailable, this is the workshop for you. Go deeper in your self expression through flow, movement and performance. Explore a wide range of human emotions set to music and motion, including journaling prompts & theatrics!

Show up and SHOW OUT! This movement workshop fuses the “sensual core flow” method with erotic-noir burlesque choreography. In this signature chorus experience, be guided through show-stopping performance scores and routines, as well as sultry sensual freestyle focused on stage presence, storytelling, subtext, and seduction. 

Discover new pathways to express yourself. This exploratory workshop guides you through the SpeakEasy Noir “sensual core flow” method to primal movement. Utilizing improv-based prompting and archetypal play, evoke and provoke your raw erotic nature. 

Be whoever,… whenever,… however you want. Explore extreme emotions, nuances, and movement through archetypal play. Using theatre and dance, explore the depths of all of your many sides utilizing the 12 signature SpeakEasy Noir archetypes in this 4-week kinky burlesque series. 

Tease them. What happens when opposites and familiars attract in motion during exploratory energy play? Both partnered or within a collective group? In this erotically prompted guided workshop, find out what happens when you attract and when you repel. Learn the SpeakEasy Noir method and art of seduction.

“I would do this work, this gorgeous, delicious body work, again and again and again… because while it let me express my sexuality in ways that I absolutely relish, it also taught me something about the intrinsic nature of me, of human beings, of sensuality and expression.” 

BROOKE ARCENEAUX, Author & Digital Creative

“No words for the power of this night and the power of you. I cannot wait to spend more time together and watch you transform other people’s lives.”

–  LOLA MANEKIN, Alchemista & Founder of Movement Lab

“Shay took me through a mind-blowing experience.”

 EMPRESS V,  Journalist & Cofounder of Urban Wax Creative Studio