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"I define MY sexy. Thank You Shay Au Lait for guiding me back to myself, for allowing me to be greedy with MY pleasure. One of my goals this year was to let my guard down with at least one individual to experience the freedom of authenticity with no fear, no feel rooted in my own truth with no shame or worries. Last night 15 beautiful beings witnessed me break out of my own confinement. I am awake. I am alive. I am burning. I am OPEN."
Baltimore Burlesque Class -
Instructor (Budokon Yoga, Nia, Antigravity Yoga, Burlesque)
"Full sensorial, full spectrum sphere of movement expression. It goes beyond dance and into an invitation to experience. You took me to my edges."
"This was beyond words for me. I want MORE...Thank You."
"This class was amazing! Exactly what I needed."
"When you see Shay Au Lait is teaching a burlesque class, you gotta book that immediately."
"For the first time in 37 years, I looked at myself in the mirror and only found my perfections instead of my imperfections.Thank you @shayaulait for this amazing embodied experience. Deeply humbled, grateful and blissed out by it"
"I'm obsessed with you! You lead an amazing workshop. I didn't give you a hug and a thank you and I am trying to virtually do so now! THANK YOU. You're such a goddess! My eyes couldn't stop looking at you! Seriously thank you. Thank you for providing such a space."
"Burlesque class taught me how to captivate an audience by the pace and texture of my movement. It was a great class."
"Shay Au Lait is an incredible artist of MANY mediums and does a lot of burlesque and sensuality workshops that everyone should be taking. Follow SpeakEasy Noir for more!
Aerial Burlesque -
"There is way less judgment and a lot more love when I look in the mirror and see me, both during and after and now even before a SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque class. As Shay Au Lait described in her class last night SpeakEasy Noir is more than a class, it is a lifestyle. How we do everything can be done in the way of SpeakEasy Noir live in sensation, the moment, focus on your breath, the here and now. She gives and plays in the foundation of movement and how to connect one move to another. She plays in a strong technique that she has developed over many years. I've seen transformation within both myself and others from what a SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque class with Shay Au Lait can do. If you want to understand and discover what I am talking about and experience this embodiment, join us. Start to peel back those layers whether they be physical or just emotional, you can always decide. It's all within YOUR OWN POWER, FOR YOUR BODY."
"Shay made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. It was a lot of fun and empowering."
ClassPass Review
"Good for ranges of experience! Delightful ambience!"
ClassPass Review
"A unique experience both for novice and experienced dancers. You'll get lost in the moment!"
ClassPass Review
"Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!!
ClassPass Review
"It was transformative and beautiful."
"Such a different type of class with a delightful instructor!"
ClassPass Review
"I'm a professional dance and that was the best dance class I've ever taken"
Brooke Arceneaux -
"This is workshop, after moving through an ocean of sensation, emotional baggage, fierce expression, and raw sensuality. I can see it all still processing in my eyes. I can see the simultaneous softness and strength in my body, the passion and presence and newfound confidence that courses through me now. And I feel gratitude for the machine that houses my soul. I would do this work, this gorgeous, delicious body work, again and again and again... because while it let me express my sexuality in ways that I absolutely relish, it also taught me something about the intrinsic nature of me, of human beings, of sensuality and expression. It's not all sex, y'all. But it is all GOOD! I'm going to be taking a training soon - and I'll lead you through this gorgeous process if you're open to explore. I hope you are... because #itsfuckinggood "
"I walked in a room with roses on the floor, sage burning and candles. I immediately knew that I couldn’t half-ass this workshop. Shay went out of her way to create an experience for me to fully be self-expressed – so I went in!"
"baltimore burlesque class" -

Soulful & Provocative