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SpeakEasy Noir
Pole Dance

Pole Dance

Immerse yourself into our experiential and transformational offerings.

Take a decadent dive into ceremony. Come undone.

Journey in & spiral out tonight.

SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. Create new pathways with shadow play through sensual movement, burlesque freestyle, primal play, erotic expression, theatre improv, boudoir portraits, and so much more. 

Signature Pole Dance Offerings

Our pole dance program is a method of instruction focused on fluidity, musicality and intention. Pole classes are structured around sequences, choreography and theatrical prompts which also include movement on, around, and up the pole, as well as floor work, transitions and spins.  As each class includes movement sequences and exploratory prompts, all levels of pole experience will be challenged. 

"black pole dance teacher" -

Pole Initiation is a SpeakEasy Noir beginner pole dance class. Explore your relationship with the pole as a new apparatus and dance partner. Learn basic pole moves, spins, transitions, and skills while beginning the preparatory conditioning for climbs and inverts during this workshop. Inverting and Aerial Tricks are NOT ALLOWED in Pole Initiation.

Learn to FLOW your pole dance techniques into FLUID sequences. During Pole Flow, explore the essential elements of fluid, sensual dance while also increasing your technical pole skills and movement vocabulary. Learn more progressive pole improv techniques for flow, climbing, and mounting skills. We also explore intermediate spins, transitions, and combinations, as well as select upright and inverted aerial holds.

Pole Fitness meets High-Intensity Training! Pole Power is a SpeakEasy Noir pole-based class that focuses on interval training for a whole-body workout. This 1-hour strength training and conditioning techniques class offers high-energy movement for increasing overall power and control through fun, upbeat cardio, designed especially for pole dancers but open to everyone! Class includes an aerobic warm-up and a relaxing simmer-down stretch at the end.

Freestyle Pole Dance meets Theatrical Burlesque Improv and Primal Play. In this SpeakEasyNoir pole-based workshop, explore erotic prompts, progressive sequences, and free dance while cultivating your own movement style both on and off the pole. This experience involves optional monthly inspired assignments for PLAY that includes bringing your own song selections and costumes.

“I would do this work, this gorgeous, delicious body work, again and again and again… because while it let me express my sexuality in ways that I absolutely relish, it also taught me something about the intrinsic nature of me, of human beings, of sensuality and expression.” 

BROOKE ARCENEAUX, Author & Digital Creative

“No words for the power of this night and the power of you. I cannot wait to spend more time together and watch you transform other people’s lives.”

–  LOLA MANEKIN, Alchemista & Founder of Movement Lab

“Shay took me through a mind-blowing experience.”

 EMPRESS V,  Journalist & Cofounder of Urban Wax Creative Studio