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Extreme parody.
Emotional Storytelling.
Extravagant Reveals.

Extreme parody.
Emotional Storytelling.
Extravagant Reveals.

Immerse yourself into our experiential and transformational offerings.

Take a decadent dive into ceremony. Come undone.

Journey in & spiral out tonight.

SpeakEasy Noir is a mind-body wellness practice and immersive movement experience for intensely sensuous and deeply curious souls. Create new pathways with shadow play through sensual movement, burlesque freestyle, primal play, erotic expression, theatre improv, boudoir portraits, and so much more. 

Signature Burlesque Offerings

Come back to your body. Slow down and breathe. This exploratory workshop guides you through the SpeakEasy Noir “sensual core flow” method to freestyle movement. Utilizing improv-based prompting and progressive sequences, evoke and provoke your sensual free flow.

Linger in the thrill of TOUCH. In this guided movement workshop, play with your sense of and intent of touch. Explore storytelling and expression as you feel your way around with objects, costumes, props, and even yourself.

You need a throne. Learn the decadent power of sitting down on it. In this 4-week series, play with erotic prompts and theatrical motifs both on and off the chair as you journey to pleasure in our burlesque improv dance class.

Explore your many layers. There is something to be said for WHAT you reveal and what you keep hidden. There’s something to be said for HOW, WHEN & WHY you hide or reveal parts of yourself. There’s something in between the layers. Be guided to unleash with intent and flow with erotic, playful prompts. Discover the extravagant, dramatic, and emotional range of your big reveal in this 4-week series!

Throw a tantrum with any emotion. If you’ve ever been accused of being too emotional or even being emotionally unavailable, this is the workshop for you. Go deeper in your self expression through flow, movement and performance. Explore a wide range of human emotions set to music and motion, including journaling prompts & theatrics!

Show up and SHOW OUT! This movement workshop fuses the “sensual core flow” method with erotic-noir burlesque choreography. In this signature chorus experience, be guided through show-stopping performance scores and routines, as well as sultry sensual freestyle focused on stage presence, storytelling, subtext, and seduction. 

Discover new pathways to express yourself. This exploratory workshop guides you through the SpeakEasy Noir “sensual core flow” method to primal movement. Utilizing improv-based prompting and archetypal play, evoke and provoke your raw erotic nature. 

Be whoever,… whenever,… however you want. Explore extreme emotions, nuances, and movement through archetypal play. Using theatre and dance, explore the depths of all of your many sides utilizing the 12 signature SpeakEasy Noir archetypes in this 4-week kinky burlesque series. 

Tease them. What happens when opposites and familiars attract in motion during exploratory energy play? Both partnered or within a collective group? In this erotically prompted guided workshop, find out what happens when you attract and when you repel. Learn the SpeakEasy Noir method and art of seduction.

“I would do this work, this gorgeous, delicious body work, again and again and again… because while it let me express my sexuality in ways that I absolutely relish, it also taught me something about the intrinsic nature of me, of human beings, of sensuality and expression.” 

BROOKE ARCENEAUX, Author & Digital Creative

Signature Pole Dance Offerings

Our pole dance program is a method of instruction focused on fluidity, musicality and intention. Pole classes are structured around sequences, choreography and theatrical prompts which also include movement on, around, and up the pole, as well as floor work, transitions and spins.  As each class includes movement sequences and exploratory prompts, all levels of pole experience will be challenged. 

"black pole dance teacher" -

Pole Initiation is a SpeakEasy Noir beginner pole dance class. Explore your relationship with the pole as a new apparatus and dance partner. Learn basic pole moves, spins, transitions, and skills while beginning the preparatory conditioning for climbs and inverts during this workshop. Inverting and Aerial Tricks are NOT ALLOWED in Pole Initiation.

Learn to FLOW your pole dance techniques into FLUID sequences. During Pole Flow, explore the essential elements of fluid, sensual dance while also increasing your technical pole skills and movement vocabulary. Learn more progressive pole improv techniques for flow, climbing, and mounting skills. We also explore intermediate spins, transitions, and combinations, as well as select upright and inverted aerial holds.

Pole Fitness meets High-Intensity Training! Pole Power is a SpeakEasy Noir pole-based class that focuses on interval training for a whole-body workout. This 1-hour strength training and conditioning techniques class offers high-energy movement for increasing overall power and control through fun, upbeat cardio, designed especially for pole dancers but open to everyone! Class includes an aerobic warm-up and a relaxing simmer-down stretch at the end.

Freestyle Pole Dance meets Theatrical Burlesque Improv and Primal Play. In this SpeakEasyNoir pole-based workshop, explore erotic prompts, progressive sequences, and free dance while cultivating your own movement style both on and off the pole. This experience involves optional monthly inspired assignments for PLAY that includes bringing your own song selections and costumes.

“No words for the power of this night and the power of you. I cannot wait to spend more time together and watch you transform other people’s lives.”

–  LOLA MANEKIN, Alchemista & Founder of Movement Lab

Speciality Workshops

Move your bodies until there’s nothing left. Evening Erotics provoke, clarify, comfort, cajole, prioritize and synchronize the energy of your day and your emotions. Flow with what arises. (Evening Erotics is best described as the movement version of “Morning Pages” by Julia Cameron of The Artist Way.)

Spiral into flow. Whether on or off the pole, “Pole Spiral” is a SpeakEasy Noir’s signature experience for the Initiated. Spinning out of control into trance, we use undulations as an activator, repetition for containment, then release for surrender. On the other side of that holy chaos, we enter into a state of flow.

Unleash your primal erotic nature in our boudoir portrait experience. Boudoir Portrait Experience. What does it feel like to take up sensually sacred space, to move through your pleasure, and to be witnessed in all of your divinity through movement, rituals, and boudoir? In this 4.5 hour boudoir experience incorporate floorwork, low flow pole, aerial hammocks, and photography.

What does ‘race’ feel like in your own body and in your own senses? In what ways do your senses perceive ‘race’ in the body of another? How might we explore these prompts mindfully, playfully, creatively, and sensually? By bridging the gap between the social/political and the somatic in a creative and hands-on fashion, we believe that Sensing Race will allow people to engage with this topic in new and inspiring ways.

You’re invited to dream, summon, envision, reflect and release through rituals in order to set the intentions for your experience of each day & year. Dreamstorm is a 4-6 hour interactive and instructional DIY craft workshop. Create a vision book or board fueled by your life values and core desires.

A Beginner Burlesque Dance and Makeup Workshop. Ease into the playful and provocative art of burlesque in a pleasure-filled and sensual environment in this two-hour signature SpeakEasy Noir and Siren Pack workshop. Explore modern genres of burlesque movement, stage presence, subtext, and seduction while utilizing playfully erotic prompts. Learn to also create both a classic glamorous and show girl dramatic stage look worthy of any event. So whether it’s your next performance, birthday party, holiday gala, or just Monday morning, we’ve got a signature “Siren Pack” look that can be customized for any skin tone and face.

“Shay took me through a mind-blowing experience.”

 EMPRESS V,  Journalist & Cofounder of Urban Wax Creative Studio

Experiences & Gatherings

High Heeled Hotties Nights are a special treat. It’s a pole dance and aerial play party complete with dance prompts, group activities, and freestyle, no matter your level of experience. Meet new friends. Dance it out. Be dramatic. And also get nasty. Or just chill and be cute. Whatever floats your boat. It’s a pole dance and aerial play party complete with dance prompts, group activities, and freestyle, no matter your level of experience.

Spellcasters, Shapeshifters, Sorcerers, and Freaks…. Warlocks, Witches, the Soulless, and the Meek… We invite you to an evening of MOVEMENT, MYSTERY, and PLAY! Join us for “SPELLBOUND: a Halloween Soiree.” The theme is “I PUT A SPELL ON YOU” House goodies). The schedule of invites includes The Witching Hour, Partner Polesque, FreeDance & Play, and a Closing Ceremony.

A unique and spooky edition of “High Heeled Hotties Night.” It’s an evening of aerial, pole dance, and burlesque freestyle with group games, solo dancing, drinks, and more! It is a night for you and your studio friends to get together, dress up and simply play hosted by SpeakEasy Noir.

Provoke your curiosities with an intimate 12-hour immersion. Dive deeper into your sensual experience through ceremony and connect with openness, intentionality, and vulnerability. Sessions include provocative writing prompts, grounding rituals, erotic flow movement class, guided discussions, BDSM discussions, kink demos, sensate exercises, 3+ sensual meals, and so much more.

“No words for the power of this night and the power of you. I cannot wait to spend more time together and watch you transform other people’s lives.”

–  LOLA MANEKIN, Alchemista & Founder of Movement Lab


Workshops and experiences begin with a sensually grounding full body warm-up ritual and end with a slow burn simmer down, in which you’re encouraged to linger. Your experience may also incorporate the immersive environment, space, objects, props, and costumes made available, provided, or brought in.

Examples of the use of space may include floorwork, chairwork, pole dance, wall work &, etc. We once held a Burlesque Teacher Training in a Real Estate Office, and so you can imagine all the furniture, desks, and conference rooms we got to use and bless with our erotic energy. Ask us to share the story sometime of our very first SpeakEasy Noir Teacher Training in Baltimore. The memory is delicious)

Burlesque exercises and provocations can include archetypal play, freestyle prompts, creative visualizations, theatrical motifs, partner work, group energy play, solo work, journal prompts, and even guided meditations.

Workshop attire should be comfortable, sensual, and layered unless specific to a theme. Throughout the class, we incorporate our clothing into our movement. You can wear your favorite intimates and lingerie, athleisure wear, yoga wear, or full costumes. Bring options!

Live in Sensation.