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Shadow Play for your Shadow Work.

Take a decadent dive into ceremony. Come undone.

Journey in & spiral out tonight.

"Beach Goddess Boudoir" -

Move your bodies until there’s nothing left. Flow with what arises. (Evening Erotics is best described as the movement version of “Morning Pages” by Julia Cameron of The Artist Way.)

Spiral into flow. Whether on or off the pole, “Pole Spiral” is a SpeakEasy Noir signature experience for the Initiated. Spinning out of control into trance, we use undulations as an activator, repetition for containment, then release for surrender. On the other side of that holy chaos, we enter into a state of flow.

Unleash your primal erotic nature in our boudoir portrait experience. What does it feel like to take up sacred space, to move through your pleasure, and to be witnessed in all of your divinity through movement, rituals, and boudoir? This 4.5-hour boudoir experience incorporates floorwork, low-flow pole dance, aerial hammocks, and photography.

What does ‘race’ feel like in your own body and in your own senses? In what ways do your senses perceive ‘race’ in the body of another? How might we explore these prompts mindfully, playfully, creatively, and sensually? By bridging the gap between the social/political and the somatic in a creative and hands-on fashion, we believe that Sensing Race will allow people to engage with this topic in new and inspiring ways.

Dream, summon, envision, reflect and release through rituals in order to set the intentions for your experience of each day & year. Dreamstorm is a 4-6 hour interactive and instructional DIY craft workshop. Create a vision book or board fueled by your life values and core desires with guided group discussion and prompts.

A Beginner Burlesque Dance and Makeup Workshop. Ease into the playful and provocative art of burlesque in this two-hour signature SpeakEasy Noir and Siren Pack workshop. Explore modern genres of burlesque movement, stage presence, subtext, and seduction while utilizing playfully erotic prompts. Learn to create a classic glamorous and “showgirl” dramatic stage look worthy of any event. We’ve got a signature “Siren Pack” look that can be customized for any skin tone and face.

Discover new pathways to express yourself. This exploratory workshop guides you through the SpeakEasy Noir “sensual core flow” method to primal movement. Utilizing improv-based prompting and archetypal play, evoke and provoke your raw erotic nature. 

BDSM | Burlesque | Theatre | Archetypal Play | Improv

Join us for a 2-Day Movement & Character Development Intensive utilizing kinky prompts and play for storytelling, stage presence and nuance.  (breathe play, tease & denial and psychological edging) Using everything from embodiment, haptics, and sacred objects, expand your social, interactive, immersive, negotiation, and performance skills. This experience is perfect for all movers, especially Pole Dance, Aerial, Burlesque, Drag, Circus, Sideshow, and DND.

“No words for the power of this night and the power of you. I cannot wait to spend more time together and watch you transform other people’s lives.”

–  LOLA MANEKIN, Alchemista & Founder of Movement Lab

“Shay took me through a mind-blowing experience.”

 EMPRESS V,  Journalist & Cofounder of Urban Wax Creative Studio