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Every day you have the intentional choice to call in exactly what you want to experience. We call in POWER, PLEASURE and PLAY. We create sacred space and experiences through sensual movement and erotic expression.


“In touch with the erotic, I become less willing to accept powerlessness, or those other supplied states of being which are not native to me, such as resignation, despair, self-effacement, depression, self-denial.” – Audre Lorde

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Extreme parody. Emotional storytelling. Extravagant striptease.

Our mind-body rituals and healing arts promote personal freedom and emotional expression.

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Soulful & Provocative

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Are you ready to explore erotic innocence and sensual pleasure?

SpeakEasy Noir is a safe space for all genders, sizes and skill levels to experience pleasure, power and play. Did you know we even offer exclusive members-only workshops over at The Mythic Masculine network? 

Decadent & Delightful

Are you looking to bring SpeakEasy Noir to your community?


We’ve taught classes & workshops at the following events, studios and festivals:

The Fit Factory • Movement Lab • Lululemon • The Mythic Masculine • Touch&Play Emerging Seeds • Touch&Play Earthdance  MadameNoire • Soul Fire: Embodied Movement Retreat • CREATE Retreats

SpeakEasy Noir Burlesque -

Are you ready to explore erotic innocence and sensual pleasure?

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