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DreamStorm Your Life – LIVE Intro Audio Workshop


Dream, summon, envision, reflect and release through ritual to set the intentions for your experience of each day & year. Create fueled by your life values and core desires with guided group discussion and prompts during this 90-minute live SpeakEasy talk with Switchress Shay Au Lait. 

AfterCare and Integration: BDSM Exploration – LIVE Roundtable


What are aftercare and integration as they relate to BDSM? What would a fully integrated experience look like? Feel like? Could you imagine it? Were do aftercare and integration overlap? Join SpeakEasy Noir for our LIVE roundtable series on Clubhouse with Mxtr Oya, Switchress Shay Au Lait and Cheri Calico.

The Little Things: Consent in the Play Space

SuciaNYC Brooklyn, United States

The practice of consent is an ongoing process. It is a muscle that must be trained, and in any SuciaPLAY event, absolutely mandatory. In this online workshop and panel, we discuss The Little Things when it comes to consent.