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B.D.S.M. – Virtual Marketing Masterclass


A subversive 4hr MARKETING masterclass for entrepreneurs, artists, and creatives who are willing to edge the kinks in their business.​

Primal Erotic Burlesque ​- Philadephia Workshop

Private Studio Location, Phildelphia Belmont Village, Philadelphia, PA, United States

Discover new pathways to express yourself. SpeakEasy Noir with Switchress Shay Au Lait comes to Philadelphia with "Primal Erotic Burlesque." As 2hr workshop fusing Freestyle Pole Dance, Theatrical Burlesque Improv, and Primal Play. Utilizing improv-based prompting and archetypal play, you are invited to evoke and provoke your raw erotic nature.

The Little Things: Consent in the Play Space

SuciaNYC Brooklyn, United States

The practice of consent is an ongoing process. It is a muscle that must be trained, and in any SuciaPLAY event, absolutely mandatory. In this online workshop and panel, we discuss The Little Things when it comes to consent.